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The Mansions of Australian Millionaires

Where do you find resources for searching the homes of the rich and famous in Australia? Majestic mansions of Australia's wealthy, or estates of the celebrities? Luxury homes throughout the continent in such places as Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, or Cairns?  The easiest way is to let the advertisers come to you. View the ads on both sides of this page. If they don't fit what you are looking for, then hit the F5 key on your keyboard until an advertiser pops up that you like.

The Sydney area houses many famous mansions, while Tasmania is often overlooked, but also houses many old historical mansions as well. Vacationers visiting Tasmania are often pleased by the value in a trip there, where much of the wilderness is unspoiled.

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New South Wales Mansions would include estates found in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong and others. Victoria mansions might include Melbourne. Hobart is in Tasmania, Adelaide is in South Australia, Perth is in Western Australia, Brisbane is in Queensland, and Darwin is in Northern Territory.

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